Anita Belle-Run With a Vision for Michigan

Who is Anita Belle?  (Under Construction)

I am an African-American female born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  I attended Detroit Public Schools, graduating from Henry Ford High School.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Wayne State University and a Juris Doctorate (law degree) from the University of Florida.  I am a daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, aunt, and about to be a great-aunt.

I am the President of the Reparations Labor Union and Melanin Technology Company.  I am the female co-chair of the Detroit Chapter of NCOBRA, the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, and I am a member of NCOBRA's national board of directors.  I am also a member of the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue and the Temple of Forbidden Knowledge that teaches about the Medu Neter of ancient Egypt/Kemet.  Affectionately called "3rd Eye" by my high school students, I have worked as a substitute teacher.

I am a visionary and a believer in writing the vision so that I and others can run with it.  Below, I present to you my vision of the Great Lakes State as being a hub prepared for the Space Age.  That preparation includes fixing Michigan's water and infrastructure, our race relations, voting rights, and educational system.  This vision allows for love and peace, real peace, on this area of Earth we now call Michigan so that we can be a model to the rest of America and the Universe.  

Run with me and this vision.  Donate and volunteer.  Elect Anita Belle to the Michigan State Senate!

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